Social Achievements uncovered! Get more out of your pledge

We added a social achievements scheme to the Kickstarter campaign to allow fans of the game to unlock more rewards just by sharing the game and talking about it!


ACHIEVEMENTS INSTRUCTIONS (as they appear on the KS page)

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Achievements with your content (dress-up, actual play, Declan L’Estrange recording, landmark pic, new character): post your content on Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Instagram or other major social network metioning City of Mist and make a comment on this page with a link to your post. Share your post in your groups and communities to get more people involved!

Dress up as one of the characters: Take a picture of yourself dressed up as Salamander, Excalibur, Mitosis, Post-Mortem, Declan L’Estrange, Flicker, or Kitsune.

Record monologue as Declan L’Estrange: Record your talking about the City as the hard-boiled antiques dealer / detective. Inspirations
* the script kickstarter video voice over:…
* or this guy:

Jimi Goodwin gives a public shoutout!
The Doves’ mesmerizing and heartfelt music has been the main musical inspiration for City of Mist throughout the creation of this setting. If the Doves’ frontman Jimi Goodwin mentions City of Mist in a public post, I will personally explode with excitement and bump up the total achiements by 10!

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