Our Kickstarter campaign now has the single most important add-on: HARDCOVER UPGRADE! While the cover design is still pending (Marcin is brewing up something fearsome, to be sure), you can already choose to get your copy of City of Mist in hardcover. If you’re a backer, simply follow the add-on instructions below to increase your pledge. If you’re not, you can head over to our Kickstarter page now, get a print copy, and then upgrade it to hardcover.

City of Mist Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1105356930/city-of-mist-a-noir-rpg-of-modern-day-legends

ADD-ON INSTRUCTIONS: To increase your pledge follow these steps:

  • Figure out the total cost of the items you want to add.
  • At the top of the page, next to your pledge amount, click Manage.
  • Under ‘Change your pledge’, next to ‘Pledge amount’, click Change your pledge.
  • Under ‘Current reward’, edit your ‘Pledge amount’, increasing it by the total cost of the add-ons you want.
  • Click Continue and then Confirm.
  • After the Kickstarter you will receive a BackerKit survey asking you how you would like to assign your extra pledge to add-ons.

We’ve also added a bunch of other add-ons to our Kickstarter campaign:


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