We are happy to announce that starting this coming Sunday we will run a free weekly online demo game, open to any and all participants. The games will be held in English in a Google Hangouts video call every Sunday at 1pm ET | 7pm CET. Here’s the game description:

Take up the role of ordinary people with great powers and hit the streets to solve crimes, expose hideous schemes, clash with crooks with supernatural abilities, and uncover the strange and mysterious powers that dominate your city!

City of Myst is a cinematic table-top role-playing game inspired by detective super-hero comic books and film noir (think Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones). You will play a character with four conflicting themes that you can either struggle to maintain or neglect and eventually lose, so prepare to make some hard choices!

In the first issue, you and your team will investigate what seems to be a missing persons case of the common variety… until you start scratching the surface.

To sign up for a game, please join the Facebook event on our page, contact our Facebook page, or send me an email at amit@cityofmyst.com. We will add the Facebook events for each Sunday  to this post as we add them on Facebook:
Sunday 5/1/16 – FULL – Watch the game
Sunday 5/8/16 – FULL- Watch the game
Sunday 5/15/16 – Cancelled
Sunday 5/21/16 – FULL- Watch the game

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a game, choose a character, and join us as we explore the dark streets of City of Myst!

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