It’s been too long since we issued an update on the project and that’s mostly on me (Amít) as personal life had to take precedence for a while. But we’re back now with some interesting news on all fronts:

Meet Eran, our new Editor.

We have teamed up with Eran Aviram, with whom I’ve worked before on a cinematic GMing guidebook. Eran is now the editor for the City of Myst beta book and beyond. Eran lives in London and is involved in a lot of other cool things, such as the awesome webcomic Up to Four Players and the related podcast Two Players and Up.

City of Myst is getting a full PDF book (beta)

We’ve been working on a full City of Myst PDF that will allow players unfamiliar with Apocalypse Engine to run the game, as well as elaborate much more on the setting. Eran already started editing the currently 65-page long document and I will be doing additional writing and reorganizing of the content. We were hoping to include more art in this version but it seems like it will start as text-only and expand as artwork catches up with game design (see below). The plan is to release this beta as free / pay-what-you-want on DriveThruRPG and update it as the art comes in. The initial version should be out in the next couple of weeks.

Art is coming, slow

Unfortunately, since we started the project last December, we’ve had almost every possible hindrance getting in the way of Marcin drawing some more amazing City of Myst scenes. Right now it seems that unless the Myst collapses and Mythoi wreak havoc on the planet, Marcin we’ll be able to start April 1st. Keep your fingers crossed! We realize how essential art is for the game and we can’t wait to work on City of Myst art together as we know it will bring the game to life. We will keep you posted on that.

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