Here is the official update to backers and followers on Kickstarter:

Detectives of City of Mist – you cracked this case!!!

City of Mist is now officially funded – THANKS TO YOU, BACKERS – and has raised over $100,000! It’s a stupendous achievement considering we first published the Starter Set less than 3 months ago! I can hardly believe it myself. I always dreamed that we could make City of Mist real but manifesting this Mythos into a reality feels incredible, and I owe it all to you. My deepest thanks go out to you all!

I had a great time spending the last hours of the campaign with you backers on our Thanksgiving Hangout live stream which included a Mythos creation session, a live game, and a Q&A session. Thank you for that as well!

Since we reached the $100K goal, we will have a fully illustrated Deck of Legends available as an add-on, with custom moves for each card. Last night you also unlocked the second social achievement, so the sourcebook “Suits Unveiled” will increase to 50 pages. It will be combined with the sourcebook “Don’t Believe the Truth” to form the Campaign Book. However, as a token of our appreciation and love for our backers and our passion for the game, we decided to unlock the third sourcebook “The Riot” and add it to the Campaign Book!


In a couple of weeks, we’ll send out a BackerKit survey that will allow you to specify which add-ons you want, enter your details, and more. If you didn’t grab the Deck of Legends or Campaign Book add-ons, you’ll be able to do that then.

The Kickstarter case is closed, but the real investigation is only beginning. We are already preparing to print the early derlivery Starter Sets and ship them out in January. The writing of the core book will soon commence and we have a lot of planning ahead of us. We intend to put these funds to good use and make City of Mist a truly unforgettable game. Stay tuned because this process will involve your feedback as well, with work-in-progress releases especially for Backers.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US followers and backers. The Son of Oak team is certainly feeling thankful for our new family of players and supporters! I will share special thanks on my next update.

Much love,


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