The City of Mist character creation process will be published in the full game following our upcoming Kickstart campaign, but we’d like to share the work process with you right now!

Currently, we are working on some drafts for the Themebooks, the questionnaire-like sheets that will help you create your character’s themes. At character creation you choose four Themebooks out of the list offered (to name a few: Expression, Bastion, Subversion for Mythos themes, Occupation, Defining Event, or Mission for Logos themes). Each Themebook helps you create a single theme with its power tags, weakness tags, Identity/Mystery and, unique to the full game, special moves and Allies/Threats within your crew (the Ally/Threat aspect is still missing from the draft below).

Here is a link to our first draft for the Defining Event themebook. Please comment with your suggestions, ideas, questions, etc. — we’re eager to hear your thoughts:


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Sep 21, 2016 at 8:32 PM

Great job on the system so far. I cannot recall the last time I was this excited for an upcoming game.

Here’s my feedback on the Defining Event sample:

1. The tag questions are really helpful for fleshing out the theme. The examples are especially helpful because they show how the questions can be interpreted.

2. I like how the themebook’s layout guides the player to help flesh out their general idea.

3. I feel like Touchy Subject and Take It To The Grave really fit this theme.

4. I personally would never take Over It. Thematically, it seems counter-productive because of how the themes are supposed to be core to the character. Mechanically, I lose the benefit of marking Attention because I’m no longer using the weakness, and then I gain the downside of marking Crack on every third use. If I felt like one of my theme’s weaknesses didn’t make sense, I’d remove it with Attention.

5. I hope to see moves like Echoes From The Past in the other themebooks, because it allows the player to take single power tags that are core to a character concept without having to take entire themes. One of my concerns, especially with the Mythos themes, is wanting to have a single power tag for something I feel is core to my character concept, but not having it fit with the Mythos themes I already have. For example, let’s say my character has Divination and Mobility Mythos themes. As a minor ability, I want to be able to create illusions. At first glance, this would fit far better with Subversion or Expression than what I already have. However, I don’t want to dump a Logos theme for this one power tag, especially if I don’t feel Subversion or Expression are core to my character.

6. Getting Good at This mentions upgraded core moves. Is this an upcoming feature?

Also, a general question about the system, what happens if a character discovers and accepts the answer to a Mythos theme’s mystery? Is this the upcoming Evolution mechanic?



Sep 25, 2016 at 10:06 AM

So glad you liked it, Stephanie!

Thank you for this valuable feedback. I approve your comment on the website so it shows there too now.

To answer some of the points you raised:

4. Over It: the main benefit of the move is to be able to block others from invoking your weakness tags when it doesn’t suit you. I agree that making Crack is a bit harsh – maybe it should be that after three times you lose the weakness tag without spending Attention (but you still lose it). What do you think?

5. I’m not sure that whether we will include cross-over Moves in all themes (we might), but I can assure you that the problem you described will not be there in Mythos themes. Bastion themes will not include only defense questions, Expression will not include just attack questions, etc. so you would be able to create more complex characters, which is what this system is about 🙂

6. Upgraded is a mechanics I am considering that gives you the +12 option on a move (a la Apocalypse Engine). You could get it permenantly on some Moves with evolution points or in some situations with theme Moves. What do you think?

Finally, the question about finding an answer to your Mystery is a very good one. I think a Mystery will always birth more mystery so it may be rephrased when you resolve it, sending your character on the next level of her quest of discovery (although maybe with a temporary break). It would be appropriate for the character to received an Evolution point at that junction. Still have to work out the details for that.

Thanks again for this thoughtful feedback. Look forward to hear your thoughts and others’.



Sep 25, 2016 at 10:09 AM

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May 17, 2017 at 5:30 AM

This is awesome! I’ve always been curious about TTRPGs, but none of them have ever interested me like this one has. I can’t wait to play it!


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