We’re thrilled to announce that City of Mist is going on Kickstarter on October 20th!

City of Mist is a noir (detective) role-playing game set in a mysterious modern-day city where you play Gateways, ordinary people gifted with legendary powers. The game runs on a unique cinematic engine based on and inspired by Apocalypse World, FATE, and Lady Blackbird and features a character evolution system that centers on characters’ inner conflict between the legend within them and their normal life. A free Start Set, including a 70-page rulebook and seven illustrated pre-generated character playbooks, was released in August and has garnered the interest of thousands. It is available for download at http://cityofmist.sonofoak.com/download .

The Kickstarter launch date was postponed from the previously published “end-of-September” to October in order to better prepare for the campaign, adding more KS-exclusive content and allow growing interest in the game to gain momentum. While we prepare, we will continue to release updates to the Starter Set including an additional Case (playable scenario) and previews of the final book, especially of the character creation system — so stay tuned and we hope to see you on October 20th!

CoM Starter Set mockupPlaybooks


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