Last week we started getting a wave of feedback from people who have been running the Starter Set. If you want to check out some actual play videos, look into these two recorded games, one MC’d by me (Amít) and the other MC’d by Justin Lafontaine, both via the Tabletop RPG One-Shot Group on Facebook and available on YouTube (see links below). Furthermore, Ollie Gross, who also took the beautiful title image, was kind enough to do a write-up of his session with his friends running the Starter Set case V is for Going Viral. Here they are:

Actual Play 1 – (Case: Demons of Cross End)

Actual Play 2 – (Case: Breath of Fire – Homebrew)

Actual Play 3 – (Case: V is for Going Viral)

Finally, we’ve got our first review on RPGNow and it’s awesome so we had to share it with you:

We’re loving this feedback and we’d love to hear more about your game too – please share it with us in the comments, on our groups on Facebook and Google+, or on Twitter.

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