The dark streets of City of Mist are calling you to investigate yet another strange case… and now low ink on your printer is no longer a valid excuse to shrug the call of your Mythos. Because the printer-friendly playbooks are here!

It took us a few days to get these right but we’re happy with the result, balancing contrast and design. Each playbook is now divided into two A4 printer-friendly images that you can print on both sides of the same sheet -or- you can just print the side with the themes. You can download the printer-friendly playbooks here:

This link is now included in every new download of the City of Mist Starter Set (from the download page). In a day or two, they should also be up on DriveThruRPG.

Going to solve a case? Share the best moments of your game with other City of Mist MCs and players – we’re eager to hear about it!

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City of Mist - Post-Mortem Playbook - Printer-friendly - Front

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