Hey guys!

I’m finally back home after an exhausting but incredibly fun 3 weeks in the USA.

With the highlight being Gen Con 2016!

I wasn’t there “on the job”, but I did manage to talk to some peeps and run a very successfully game of City of Mist. We printed out some very sleek character sheets and just handing those to my players and the look on their faces guaranteed a spectacular game.

And spectacular it was! Filled with amazing cinematic performances and thrilling moments. Definitely the best run I’ve had of this adventure, and I have my players and the whole atmosphere of Gen Con itself to thank!



Apart from the game, I’ve had a blast playing some very awesome tabletop games and LARPS (One of them, “The Road Not Taken” by Mike Young, GMed by the incredible Elisa Ford, really stuck with me, even until now!).

I’ve also participated in some tournaments and got an MVP award at NASCRAG for playing a particular dwarf with “explosive” talents 😉

All in all, it was an awesome convention, and hopefully the first of many for City of Mist to attend.

See you in the next one!





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