So what then is the Myst around which the game revolves ?

” It is a veil, a force that hides all other forces from us. It conceals the realm from which all life stems, the mythical dimension that is the source of every single thing in our world. It obscures our own very nature from us, so that we no longer remember the legends that we are, until… Even the shroud of the Myst wears and tears. And when it does, a gateway through the fog is born.”

In City of Myst, you play that gateway. You are an ordinary person in which a gateway to another realm has formed. Your very soul is a portal, not for you to enter, but for a Mythos to come out of. When you get in touch with the gateway inside you, miracles and horrors emerge into the world – in the form of your powers.

But let’s get back to this mystical shroud obscuring the true world. In the City of Myst setting, humanity and the world we live in today are both a product of the Myst; as mythical forces were hidden from us, we have become more and more engrossed in the prosaic details of our everyday life. Today, most of the inhabitants of the City are so self-absorbed, so caught up in their dreaming, that they are completely oblivious not just to the Mythoi that run the City and give it its life and not just to the activity of the super-powered Gateways in the City but even to the Mythos that lives dormant inside them. They are Sleepersno matter how great and miraculous the power you show them, they will find a way to excuse it or reject it. This is the meaning of living in the Myst. This is how the City has been operating for god-knows-how-long.

There are, however, exceptions. If a sleeper was beginning to wake up, if they have already been touched from within or without, there’s a chance an encounter with forces from beyond the Myst will wake them up. And so, in a strange and associative chain reaction, Gateways give birth to new Gateways.

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Aug 21, 2016 at 4:18 PM

The myst sounds so familiar, really like remembering a dream. As if if you concentrate hard enough ….


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