It’s been quiet on the updates front of City of Myst lately, as I was intensively working to complete the materials which will allow GMs (or in the Apocalypse World version – MCs) run their own games of City of Myst. The result is a +60 page game book with more about the setting, the core moves, Logos and Mythos (CoM’s non-linear character development system), how to use Statuses, and loads of MC resources like agenda, referee and narration principles, MC moves, how to build good cases and challenges for the PCs, and more and more.

This alpha version of the gamebook is almost ready to be released; it only has to go through some more editing and design to make it easy to use. However, fear not, as we have plenty of other City of Myst goodies ready for you upcoming Masters of Cities:

All of these are also available on the download page along with the previously released rules sheets and character playbooks.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

(Original image: “Something to Hide” by Janet Farthing)

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