A cinematic table-top RPG of individuals gifted with mythical powers
in a dark and mystic city rife with supernatural crime and conspiracy!

Excalibur, high-class queen of mayhem
Excalibur, high-class queen of mayhem

City of Myst RPG is a comic-book and film-noir inspired game where you play a crew of gateways: street-level individuals who manifest uncanny mythical powers. Together you will investigate mysterious cases, take on unearthly dangers in cinematic action scenes, and delve into the fog-shrouded streets of the City in search for answers to the questions that haunt you.

City of Myst is set in the City, a modern-day urban hub eternally under the influence of the otherworldly Mythoi. Its denizens, from mundane sleepers to the all-powerful and obscure avatars, are either the blind servants or the living incarnations of the Mythoi — or something in between. Your character is no different — you live constantly on the brink of either losing your identity or losing sight of the beauty and marvels of your Mythos.

City of Myst uses roll+tags, a new adaptation of the Apocalypse Engine, to allow free choice of powers and narrative freedom with enough mechanical crunch to keep the suspense and thrill high. It also includes a unique non-linear character development system that is influenced by the choices you make between your Mythos and your mundane life.

Mitosis, ex-boxer turned walking ecosystem
Mitosis, boxer turned walking ecosystem

Try out City of Myst’s
with seven pre-generated characters, basic rules for players and MCs (GMs) and a playable first case (adventure).

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