In the CoM universe, reality as we see it is not the real world but a shadow cast by the real world. The ‘real world’ is a mystical dimension of abstract forces and pure truth that is impossible to perceive or understand for any human (or sentient) being; the vast majority of people do not even know it exists or think of it only as an idea. This ‘real world’ was better known to ancient cultures and is referred to in many peoples’ legends as ‘the Otherworld’, ‘Dreamtime’, ‘Eternity’, ‘Non-dual’ or ‘Nagual’.

Our own wispy reality is separated from the real world by a veil, and at the same time it is the shadow cast by the light of the Otherworld as it falls upon that veil. The veil is called ‘the Myst’ and it is often portrayed as a shroud of fog obscuring the true world from mortal eyes. In this regard, any city is a City of Myst; its people, its streets, its plotting, and its feelings are all shadows of greater forces acting upon one another in the Otherworld. Its very life is a reflection of a mythical struggle happening behind the scenes, beyond the Myst.

Sentient beings (humanity being the most prevalent form of sentience on earth) can act as gateways through the Myst, allowing mythical forces to manifest in our reality with varying degrees of splendor. This was well-known to the ancients, but humanity has since then deteriorated and with it its entire dimension of existence. Today, most people’s ability to manifest the legendary in our ephemeral reality remains a dormant seed throughout their life. And yet, there are those few who by effort or accident (but was it an accident?) become a living gateway and can realize wondrous things. In City of Myst, you play such an individual.

City of Myst is where the story of your uncanny individual and his or her allies and enemies takes place. It can be anywhere in the world, modeled after an existing city or completely made up; it doesn’t matter, because it’s all dust and shadows anyway. What matters is that your City of Myst is a Nexus, a place of power where so many otherworldly forces collide and seek a way to manifest that the Myst becomes weakened — thinner, as it were. Crime, politics, business, and recreation in the City are all touched – and sometimes steered – by influences from beyond our meager observable reality. This otherworldly involvement seeps into the very streets of the City, making for a haunted and ghostly backdrop for some intense investigation and cinematic super-powered battles.

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