Imagine this: you’re a top-class boxer, maybe not the best, maybe not as young as the others anymore, but you make up for it with attitude and you’re smoking hot so the world loves you, or loves to hate you. As celebrities go, you are the rowdiest – when not in the ring, you party like no one else: girls, drugs, alcohol, fights – you name it. You drive an insanely expensive car way over the speed limit, feeling like the king of the world, and then BAM!

You hear a high pitched beep that slowly fades.

You wake up. It’s raining, it’s dark, it’s confusing. You’re alive, though your car is a total wreck, smashed into the side of an overturned truck. You can walk, not crippled or anything, but something is… weird. You feel your body like you’ve never felt it before, right down to the last cell. The next time you see your reflection you wish you had died. You’re deformed; there are things growing out of you, like moss and tumors and fungi, and they keep dying only to be replaced by others. Minute by minute the realization dawns on you that whoever you once were is now gone in a mass of rapidly duplicating cells. As the days go by and private doctors nod you grasp that this thing, this disease, is not going anywhere. You’re ruined.

You are Mitosis.


Like Fire Salamander, Mitosis is one of the seven ready-made characters we will release in the upcoming Alpha. The artwork here is a sketch of Mit in his boxing gear with icky stuff growing out of him as usual and a somewhat enlarged right hand (he can do that).

What do you think? Any guesses or ideas about his powers?

Mitosis sketch

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