The City of Myst RPG has had two bursts of playtesting so far, one with the initial conception of the game in late 2014 and the other in recent months as we prepare the game for the upcoming alpha release. Last week I also ran a quick playtest for one of the players of the original City of Myst campaign, which ran in 2006 — Yiftach — who has never played the setting since nor tried the new game before (nor any PBtA games). This time he played Fire Salamander. Check out what he had to say, on our facebook page:

I had the privilege to play a short test run of this game. Without spoilers, this is what I think:

a. Do you know the feeling when something hits all the right spots, and you got this light in your eyes which tells you – “I have to watch this movie/play the game”? This game does this. As I saw the character sheet and got the idea of the mechanics, all I could think of is “I want to create a character and play it!”.

b. The mechanics. Simple, elegant and promote the game easily and consistently with the core principles of the world. There were a few minor glitches here and there, but this is what the alpha is for, right?

c. The world. Being one of the players of the first campaign of City of Myst, almost 10 years ago, I missed this world very much. Even without the power of nostalgia, this setting is great for varied levels of super heroes campaign – from your street-level dude, to a much larger scale (believe me – it can get crazy).
In addition, the atmosphere is very film-noir-ish with a tinge of mystic. I love this.

All in all – had a great time, and looking forward to play again. Try it!

As a side note, Yiftach’s original character and its background sparked off an entire order which is very central to the CoM universe. The role of this order will be revealed later on as we elaborate on the setting. Thanks, Yiftach!

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