Fire Salamander first shot 2014Check out this extraordinary piece of artwork from our illustrator Marcin Soboń. He crafted this late in 2014 as a part of a competition to help find the right illustrator for the City of Myst project. Admittedly, I had already been working with Marcin for years and knew he would be the best person for the job.

The character portrayed here is Fire Salamander, a city waterworks worker who is haunted by dreams of a strange lizard-like being that is neither fire nor water, but something of both. FS has discovered that he can produce a nimbus of burning plasma from his skin, but it’s not really fire; it actually spreads faster in wet conditions. FS is a down-to-earth kind of character. He tries to set the dreams and other subconscious hocus pocus aside and put the nimbus to good use: protecting the dark city streets from scumbags. When he fires it up, his skin gets covered with a black residue, like soot, which can be seen in this shot.

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